Please pick an episode to play

58 w/ lulu

name of your show?
58 w/ lulu

when is your show on air?
first tuesday of the month

what can we expect to hear when tuning in?
i have collected records since 15 and now own a lot of plastic. the process has been largely introverted. the painstaking process of making these mixes has been fulfilling and allowed me to draw connections between the records i own. less stagnant on my shelves and not just a memory of when/where/how i acquired each disk but a part of individual stories i have pulled together. my mixes tie in with my blog over on instagram-@58_music, which i started up at 16, the music books i read, the record stores i have visited and the gigs i've loved

what’s a favourite foundation moment of yours?
totally sweating it before coming in to meet the foundation lot the first time and quickly realising what a fab and relaxed space it is to be in

who’s your favourite artist? on ffm?
how can I pick just one?!

three words to describe your show?
thoughtful, moody, nerdy
No episodes.