Please pick an episode to play

heléna star

name of your show?
the specialists + heléna star

when is your show on air?
1st and 3rd thursday, 7-9pm bst

what can we expect to hear when tuning in?
an eclectic mix of house and techno from around the world, along with interviews from some of the finests artists/djs who share the same passion.

what’s a favourite foundation moment of yours?
a personal favourite was my first time ever entering the studio, i hadn't met anyone yet and when i came through the door frankie and ami jumped up and gave me the biggest hug. the energy when you enter foundation is always so uplifting and i knew from that point just how important and special the station would be to me and many others.

who’s your favourite artist? on ffm? i'm in love with queer island discs, with lagoon. in the world? theo parrish

three words to describe your show?
eclectic, energetic & electronic.

brunch + heléna star w/ eleanor


brunch + heléna star w/ emerald rose lewis


brunch + heléna star w/ lora mipsum


brunch + heléna star w/ giulia tess


brunch + heléna star w/ tristan arp


brunch + heléna star w/ luke fono


the specialists + heléna star w/ nala brown


the specialists + heléna star w/ kessler