Please pick an episode to play

kamilla rose

name of your show?
brunch + kamilla rose

when is your show on air?
every day mon - thurs, 10am - 1pm

what can we expect to hear when tuning in?
lotssss of good music and good vibes, great guests, great music, lil news/life/social updates - basically just a lovely time to fill your mid morning!

what’s a favourite foundation moment of yours?
mmmmm! hard one - interviewing kano, being at wireless, playing at lovebox, the first ever link! haha

who’s your favourite artist?
changes all the time, this week it's lianne la havas but next week could be tina turner, kendrick lamar or burna boy.

three words to describe your show: three words isn't enough...A GOOD TIME???? A GREAT TIME??

Brunch with Kamilla & Noudle in the mix


Brunch with Kamilla - 08.11.2018


Brunch with Kamilla & Rai-Elle - 07.11.2018


Brunch with Kamilla & Wafia + Blasé Vanguard - 06.11.2018


Brunch with Kamilla - 05.11.2018