Please pick an episode to play


name of your show?
the mix hour + dj nooriyah

when is your show on air?
last Friday of every month at 9-10pm gmt

what can we expect to hear when tuning in?
themed episodes exploring middle eastern and north african heat in all genres: rap, jazz, trap and more, sprinkles of music theory, along with intimate interviews with incredible talent from the region.

what’s a favourite foundation moment of yours?
teaching women of colour how to dj at the studio

name your favourite artists?
at the moment: ASADI (persian trap producer), lena chamamyan (incredible arabic vocalist) and alfa mist (jazz musician)

three words to describe your show:
underrepresented, unique, stanky

the mix hour + nooriyah w/ nadine el roubi


the mix hour + nooriyah


the mix hour + nooriyah


the mix hour + nooriyah w/ yas meen selectress


the mix hour + nooriyah w/ big hass


the mix hour + nooriyah