Please pick an episode to play

the nasty poet

name of your show?
the catch up presents the lyricism show w/ the nasty poet

when is your show on air?
one monday a month, 2-4pm bst

what can we expect to hear when tuning in?
bangers, chats about words, all things lyricism!

what’s a favourite foundation moment of yours?
being able to have the freedom to have incredible conversations with amazing lyricists and being part of a woman led organisation that supports and celebrates the galdem!

who’s your favourite artist?
gucci mane hehe.

three words to describe your show?
words, vibes and great chat

The Catch Up with The Nasty Poet & Bwlinda + Sean Mahoney - 21.11.2018


The Catch Up with The Nasty Poet & Special Guests, Tertia May + Blay Vision