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zoe mallett

what's the name of your show?
cut the bullshit

when is your show on air?
tuesday's, every other month

what can we expect to hear when tuning in?
certified life advice and real talk from qualified professionals who speak your language. think of us as the certi agony aunts you need in your life, dishing up tips, advice, our own experiences alongside some mighty bangers. foundation's listeners send in their problems and my guests and I break them down on the show. We are here to help you ride the waves of life and to give you a taster of the different types of professional support that are available because self-help can be confusing!

what’s a favourite foundation moment of yours?
i love all my guests but when penny bell came through that was something special- i’ve followed her for a long time and her energy and wisdom is next to none.

who’s your favourite artist?
nezi momodu (her free style is mad), berwyn and burna boy…

three words to describe your show?
inspiring, needed and thought-provoking.

catch me over @zoemallettlifecoaching

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